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The following information and workshop details are all suitable for students studying at undergraduate level. There are also references that I have collected over the years that are to do with ancient Greek and Roman mosaics. That page is here.

Contact me for further details about anything on this page. Payments within the UK can be by invoice, outside of the UK payment needs to be in advance of the goods being shipped or sent out.

Roman mosaic kits and lecture notes

These notes also include, where relevant, references (as per Harvard). This is sent out as a PDF to download.

Introduction then;

  • The history of floor mosaics covering 5th BCE through to 6th CE. 
  • techniques, what we know and other possible methods. The evidence we have for two working techniques, the possibility of working freehand and the Reverse technique controversy.
  • Materials, tools and how they were used. Natural and artificial materials, the hammer and hardie explained.
  • The workers, do we know who they were and what was their place in society? Evidence from written work and inscriptions in mosaic.
  • Subjects, what can we see in the iconography.
  • Geometric patterns, including how they can be set without having to follow a pattern. The two distinct areas in geometric mosaics, the pattern and the underlying geometry and how these mosaics can be set without any knowledge of the geometry.
  • The way the tesserae were set ('the Rules') and how working at speed affected this. The Rules, why there is a line of white tesserae around figures and how setting 8,000 - 10,000 tesserae per square metre (3' x 3') has influenced the result.

The mosaic kits

There are three options; 

  1. The kits  are sent out complete, everything needed in separate bags. The tesserae can be cut with scissors but mini nippers are available separately.
  2. The kits are sent out with just the instruction sheets, patterns and carbon paper and the tesserae. Boards and glue can be sourced locally and this saves on shipping costs especially if you are outside the UK
  3. The kit details are sent out as a PDF for you to print off or hard copies. This includes an advice sheet on what to get and the numbers and colours of tesserae needed for each kit.


The kits below are 16cm x 16cm (6 1/2") and the snail is 16cm x 21cm (6 1/2" x 8 1/4") The have all been picked to illustrate certain points about the patterns. The instruction sheets for the students have a colour image and guidance on setting the tesserae. There are separate instructors notes which have the key points. Work times for each kit vary but it can be about 1 - 2 hours at the most. 

10mm one flower no red 10mm brown snail no red  10mm double guilloche 16x16  IMG wave 16 x 16 no red 

Coming soon, 'Using the staff' kits These are basic geometric patterns where the student will set them out without drawing out the pattern. 

nippers cut tesserae A set of the mini nippers


 I can run the full workshop for you, contact me for prices. I will be available to run these workshops, within the UK, later on in 2017. 


As above, please contact me for details. Talks are given on the techniques of Roman floor mosaics and also geometric patterns in Roman mosaics.


For some details on a workshop I ran at Warwick University go to their page here  At the bottom of the page is a video, although it is blank click on 'play' and it will start.

'Feedback forms suggest an overwhelmingly positive response to the workshop...' Quote from the above article.